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Why your Business Should be on Instagram Reels

It's time to have some REAL fun on REELS! 🙌🏼

Instagram launched Reels this past August, and there has been a lot of social buzz around the new feature. Before we dive deep into the benefits of Reels and how you can use them effectively to promote your boss babe business, here are a few quick facts:⁠

⚡️They're 3-15 seconds of video content in full 9:16 portrait mode⁠ (If you’re lucky, you may have 30 second videos too...we haven’t been blessed by the IG Gods, and don’t have that update yet)

⚡️You can film the video in one continuous take or record multiple snippets & piece them together⁠

⚡️ Videos can be filmed in Instagram using the Reels camera or uploaded from your phone's camera roll⁠

⚡️Reels are mobile only (no editing / uploading on a laptop!)⁠

With the Instagram algorithm favoring users who are having fun with the new "product" and consumers enjoying quick knowledge and entertainment, it's time to hop on the bandwagon! So, how can you utilize Instagram's new golden child to boost your business by increasing brand awareness and sales? Here's what we suggest 👇🏼⁠

1. Rework written content⁠

Do you have valuable nuggets of information hidden throughout your social media captions? Since video content is quicker to consume and more entertaining than reading through lengthy text, transforming your written information into a Reel will catch those who "like" a photo without pausing to read. ⁠

Features like voice overs and music will help info stick in a person's brain!⁠

2. Announce a product launch or new service⁠

Reels is another way to give people a sneak peek into your new offerings. Crafting a creative teaser will leave people wanting to know more or buy what you have to offer.⁠

3. Teach teach teach!⁠

Educating your audience in 3-15 seconds can be more impactful due to the human attention span. You may need to get those creative juices flowing to condense your lesson, but you'll catch the attention of your audience long enough for them to stay interested from start to finish!

4. Show a peek behind-the-scenes

People are curious to see how another person is living their life (it's natural - we can be so nosy!) They want to see your morning routine, how you create your workflows, how you decorate your home, the messy reality behind the screen to see if they can relate to you… So grab your phone and show a piece of your daily life! Just make sure it’s intentional as well as raw.

⁠As you can see, there are so many ways to boost your small business on Instagram Reels! And, we only scratched the surface. If you have any questions about how your business can join the Reels party, contact us! We would love to help you curate the perfect strategy, Reels included!



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