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What is Typography and How to Choose the Right One for your Brand?

We've all seen a logo design that's using Curlz MT from MS Word, right? Or worse yet - Lemon Tuesday on Canva! We beg of you, let's stop using Lemon Tuesday!

Choosing and using the right typography in your brand design is a detail that will separate business amateurs from the pros! Type is a form of communication and with Hello Media we are intentional and strategic to assure that your project stands out. An effective type will inform and influence the way you want your potential customers to think and act.

Did you know there's a difference between Typeface and Font? A type face is a complete set of characters, while a font is an individual style of a typeface which can vary in weight style, size and more. There is typically a collection of fonts for each typeface. For example:

Typeface: Times New Roman

Font: Times New Roman, 16 pt., Italic

Here are a few tips when choosing the perfect typography for your brand design:

Is it unique? Let's go back to Lemon Tuesday. Everyone recognizes it these days, but here's the thing. It's not unique at all! Just search #graphicdesign on Instagram...we guarantee you'll see Lemon Tuesday everywhere! Avoid these uber-trendy free fonts, and use a different font that is clean and interesting to the eye.

Can you read it?

You won't just use your typography on your logo design. Think website, blog posts, flyers, brochures, etc. It's so important for the typography to be easy to read. Reminder that your brand doesn't need to be limited to one font! Quick Tip: When using a script font, please do not ever use all caps. You can thank us later. ;)

Was it free?

There are good fonts and bad fonts, friends. Be careful not to choose a bad font! Often times, the fonts you find online for free can often be one of those bad fonts. Now, don't get us wrong! There are also some excellent fonts that are free. It takes a trained eye to spot a poorly made font, but we've got your back. We highly recommend commercial sites like Creative Market, and Google Fonts!

Does it match your personality?

Each typeface has a personality! During the brand design process, you want to determine your overall 'brand vibe' and 'personality,' and choose typography that complements that.

For example, if the adjective Timeless describes your brand, you might look into fonts like Gotham or Garamond.

Is it legible? When choosing your typeface, be sure you're looking at all the details. Is it legible at a small size? Are characters distinctive enough? Do any characters link together in odd ways (e.g., an “f” and an “i”)?

When it comes to choosing your typography, don't be hasty! Test out several different options before coming to a decision, and when it doubt - Hire Hello Media to help you out!



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