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How To Write Social Media Posts That Convert

We’re the guards to the magic word that will connect YOU with your audience… Can YOU guess what it is?

⁣If you guessed “you,” you got it!⁣⁠ 😉⁣⁠⠀

When crafting copy or video content for social media, it’s so easy to slip into using phrases like “you all” or “everybody” when addressing your online audience.⁠⠀


BUT, as your ideal client is scrolling through your content as they lounge on the couch, they subconsciously disconnect as they become one of the many you're talking to 🙅🏼⁠ I know you work long and hard on writing the perfect Instagram caption or the most valuable LinkedIn article, right? We would hate to see all that time go to waste because your target market doesn't think you're talking to them.


Simply tweaking this language to include “you” will create the illusion that you're speaking to them one-on-one (like a real live convo with your best friend!) This will flow into a higher level of trust between you and your followers. ⁣⁠⠀Even if you have 5,000 people, you aren't talking to all of them. Write your captions like you're talking to one of them.

You know what we always say… more trust = more sales!⁣⁠ 💸⁠⠀ Now get to writing!




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