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36 Content Ideas for Social Media

Who wants free social media content ideas?! September is here - time to bust out the sweaters, fall scented candles, and PSL's! (Just kidding, I hate PSL's)! 😉 We're feeling extra nice this month, so we're dishing out 36 FREE content ideas for your small business.

12 Post Ideas

1. Start by celebrating your wins and sharing a little social proof. Pull together a list of goals you accomplished, wins you had, new team members, or anything exciting that happened in August. Remember, it's okay to toot your own horn!

2. 3 Benefits of your best selling product or service

3. Customer review or client testimonial

4. Your story: How did you (your company) get started and how did you end up where you are today? Be relatable. 5. Behind the Scenes: Share a quick photo of you/your team working on a project for a customer or in the office. Pro Tip: Sneak Peak of a something new coming up - people love to be nosey about new releases, services, or announcements. 6. Highlight your ideal customer's #1 problem and 3 tips they can implement to help with that problem. 7. Personal story: Share how you've turned a negative experience into a learning opportunity and what came from it 8. Share why you/your company is the very best in your industry (Remember what we said earlier? Toot that horn)! 9. The do's and don'ts of (insert topic here) 10. Carousel post: Three of your favorite industry-related hacks 11. 3 things your ideal customer should start doing to see ________ results. 12. What's a personal goal you're working on for the rest of the year?

12 Story Ideas

1. Solve a problem in 3 easy steps

2. Time-lapse of you/your team working

3. Do a poll series - Fall Favorites! 4. Be open and share what's on your mind today - struggles, wins, fears, etc 5. Show a before and after or the results of a recent project

6. Take your audience behind the scenes of a particular task and share how you complete something

7. Hop on in the morning and share what your agenda is for the day ahead

8. Ask your audience with a poll/question box what they want to see from you

9. Friday Facts - do a quick quiz series with the quiz sticker. Ask a few fun facts about you and/or your team

10. September 16th is National Guacamole Day......We think you should use this as an excuse to head to your favorite Mexican restaurant and share a little story about the chips and guac you're celebrating with 😉 11. Share a series of your favorite inspiring quotes or posts from an industry leader or inspirational account

12. Introduction video. Take four slides to re-introduce yourself/your company. You've likely gained new followers over the last month, and people would like to know who you are and what you do!

12 Reels Ideas

1. Day in the life

2. 10 benefits from a specific product or service

3. How to master (insert here)

4. Product or service demonstration

5. Strategies for growing in your industry

6. "Work with me" (Behind the scenes of your work day)

7. 5 things you can't live without at work

8. Answer a frequently asked question

9. 5 reasons you need (insert product or service here) in your life

10. Your favorite industry-related hack

11. Hop on a fun trend and make it relatable to your industry.

Here are a few trending audios you can try:

12. Before + After transformation

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Now you have no excuse not to post this month, right? We want to remind you to take these topics and use them as an opportunity to get your mind thinking. Remember to apply these topics in a way that's aligned to your content strategy - making sure they're aligned to the overall business goals you have. Now go buy that Pumpkin Spice Latte (or not, if you're like me), and have an amazing September!



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