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5 Signs it's Time to Rebrand Your Small Business

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to branding is, "How do I know it's the right time for my business to rebrand?" Branding is never one size fits all, and each brand has a unique timeline. If a potential client is considering a branding refresh, here are the top 5 we share to help them come to a decision:

1. Your brand doesn't match your value.

If you have recently increased your pricing by a significant amount, you want to be certain that you're communicating your elevated experience with a brand aesthetic that matches your product or services. You want your potential customers to feel the luxury of your brand everywhere they look, from your website to your logo to your interior design (if you're a brick and mortar). You will run into less price hesitation if your branding matches your value.

2. You're struggling to find new customers

This one is quite the no-brainer, but we feel it's important to mention it! Often times, we work with clients who have created their brand based on their own taste and have failed to focus on what their target market is attracted to, which can result in a decrease of inquiries. Work with a knowledgeable brand strategist to help you develop a brand plan and set goals before designing your visual brand.

3. You've outgrown how your brand looks and feels Just like yourselves, your business will grow and change overtime. If your brand looks like your past and not your present, it's time for a change! What once worked for your brand visually, may not be working anymore. Maybe your target market has shifted? Perhaps you've added additional products or services?

4. You don't stand out from your competitors It's easy to fall into design and branding trends, but when you start to see all of your competitors looking and feeling the same, it's time to outshine them with a rebrand! You want your potential customer to notice your business and your branding over the "other guys," and one surefire way is an elevated and unique brand experience!

5. You need to part from a negative image

We're hoping this isn't the case, but if it is - it's time to rebrand, and we can help! We know you've worked hard to keep your reputation pristine, but something might happen that can drag your brand through the mud. A single bad review or unfortunate mention on social media can shift your reputation quickly and rebranding can help fix this program by effectively dissociating you from the negativity of your previous brand.

Any of these signs hitting home for you and your business? If you're shaking your head, let's set up a call! We would love to start with a complimentary consultation and brand clarity call to see if now is the right time for a rebrand!



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