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3 Tips to Creating the Perfect Pin Designs

Sick of creating pins that aren't getting any action? It's time to start thinking about the design of your pins! A thoughtfully designed pin can make a huge difference. We want to share our three favorite tips to start achieving killer pin designs. Titles Is the title on your pin design catchy? Does it make someone want to click it? Your main goal is to provide value or solve a problem your customer might have, so make sure your title is concise, yet bold.

  • "5 Steps To...."

  • "Top 10 Toys For...."

  • "How To..."

These are all very click-worthy phrases. People want an answer and they want to know how they can get that answer right away. The text overlay on your pin design should explain how you'll solve that problem!

Branding Stick to your brand design! Colors, font, texture, etc. Pinterest is still a visual platform, and you're trying to tell a story with your pin designs. Use apps like Canva and/or PicMonkey to create a handful of templates that you can continue to use for your designs. This will create recognition and cohesion between your boards and pins. Image Size matters!! PIN design size! . A 600x900 px pin is the way to go, and will give you the best results. Again, head to Canva. They've got the perfect templates that make pin design easy-peasy! You also want to be mindful of the image quality. If you're using your own photos, make sure they're light, bright, and clear. Nothing is more off-putting than a blurry image. If you're using stock images, don't take screenshots or save off of Google images. Try using stock photo memberships, or free websites like Pexel and Unsplash. Pin design doesn't have to be hard, it just needs a bit of thought behind it! Like everything, practice makes perfect.



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