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3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Clean Up Your Instagram Bio

Instagram Tips and Tricks

An Instagram Bio is like a resume. It takes 5 seconds for a customer to read that bio and decide whether or not they want to spend time on your profile, so let's make those 5 seconds count. An Instagram Bio is a chance for you to capture the attention of your ideal customer, make a killer first impression, and increase their chances of hitting that follow button, all within 150 characters. Here are three things you can do RIGHT NOW to clean up your Instagram Bio! (Okay, maybe not RIGHT this blog post first, then go follow us on Instagram....THEN go clean up your bio) 1. Don't Be Wordy! You don't need a ton of fluff words. You know, I'm a mom of three beautiful and well-mannered children, own my own blog about all things motherhood, and I enjoy a big glass of Chardonnay Wine every night before I crawl into bed. TO MUCH DETAIL. Choose a few very specific keywords that describe your business or use one sentence to tell people exactly what you do and how you help them. EX: Mom of 3, Red Wine Connoisseur and Motherhood Blogger!

2. Include that CTA! What's a CTA, you ask? It's a phrase that tells people to take a specific action. Whether you want your audience to follow you, visit your website, read your blog post, or sign up for something, this is what your call-to-action will accomplish. Don't forget to include the actual link that you're taking them to!

3. Add Personality!

Remember that thing I said about your bio being similar to your resume? Well, here's where it differs. Unlike a resume, you can add flair and emoji's to your bio....and you should! When someone goes to your page and reads your bio, they should get a glimpse into what type of business you run, or the type of person that you are. Have a bit of fun and remind people that there's a human behind your profile!

Bonus Tip! Design and utilize your Highlights! Instagram stories are the most amazing way to engage and grow your account, but they disappear after 2 hours.....unless you add them to your highlights! This way you can be sure your value based stories will always be available to your audience. Highlights aren't a direct part of the Instagram Bio, but it's an awesome addition to add that extra 'oomph' to your page! Design your highlight covers using Canva and start adding stories to them today! Whether you have 100 followers or 100,000 followers, the way you represent yourself on your bio is a very important part of your overall strategy. It will be your best shot at making a great first impression and enticing a user to hang out and stay while!

Looking to level up your bios on ALL of the popular social media platforms? We've got you covered! Download our FREE Bio Checklist where we give you the steps you should take to make each of your bios EPIC!



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