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10 Holiday Content Ideas You Can Implement This Season!

A Gift from Hello Media

A few months ago July felt like the 150th day of March...Now, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Tis’ the season to Say Whaaa?! Does anyone else think someone pressed fast-forward on the second half of this year?

We know how exhausting this year has been and creating content from a place of stress can be extremely ineffective. So, our team collaborated on how we could lighten your social media planning workload this holiday season. Check out 10 ideas you can implement to engage with your target audience this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

1. Gift a service or product.

Select one or more lovely humans from your community to receive a holiday gift from you! Whether you are a service provider or offer a physical product, you can host a giveaway / contest that will create excitement!

2. Intertwine a holiday color palette into your posts!

Pick products, backdrops, props, or graphics that flow with the color scheme of the holiday season. For example, sprinkling in red and gold throughout your content will help put people in the Christmas spirit!

3. Get festive with your audience engagement.

Create “This or That: Holiday Edition” graphics for your Stories, request followers to tag you in specific holiday content so you can share, and ask questions in captions and question boxes. Questions could include:

  1. “Do you stay home or travel for the holidays?”

  2. “What is your favorite holiday dish?”

  3. “Share your family’s top holiday tradition!”

4. Show your behind-the-scenes.

Let people in on your favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipe, share your home decorations, or post photos of your neighborhood / city decked out in garland and lights! Behind-the-scenes clips allow people to get to know us (and the more people feel like they know us, the more they’re willing to work with us!)

5. Add the magic of the holidays to Reels.

As we chatted about in our last blog, Instagram Reels is the place to be right now. Promote your services or product, new offerings, giveaways, or behind-the-scenes snippets along with a cheerful holiday jingle and jolly decor! (We see “Snap to Decorate” being a super popular Reel this coming season!)

6. Write a Thank You note to your audience.

Our clients, audiences, and communities support us abundantly throughout the year. Craft a Thank You letter that will have them feeling extra special!

7. Design and feature holiday packaging for your product.

If you sell a physical product, think outside the box and get creative with your packaging! Incorporate YOU in the details. Do you love sleek / modern holiday decor or do you get whimsical with it? These styles translate well to a festive gift box or bag!

8. Share your client’s holiday work.

Share the love by featuring your client’s work in your Stories. Just as you are putting forth time and energy into your holiday content, so are they! Help them feel as happy as a child with a mug of peppermint hot chocolate by displaying their content.

9. Create a freebie!

While the giveaway mentioned above provides one person or a small collection of followers with a holiday gift, a holiday-inspired freebie is available for all to enjoy! (YOU get a freebie, YOU get a freebie...EVERYONE gets a freebie!)

10. Promote taking a step back & enjoying quality time with friends and family.

The more we hear or read something, the more it resonates with us. Talk about the importance of taking a break this holiday season and truly savoring time with the ones you love. You wanna know the catch with this one? You need to practice what you preach! Throw up that “Out of Office” notice and smell the holiday cookies, friend!

We are sending you EXTRA cheer this Holiday Season.



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